Pennsylvania based group, Space Kamp delivers its brand of alien hip-hop on their new single “ADIDAS” alongside a psychedelic video to match.

The duo of Oskee and Adoo is breaking the rules of the norm and pushing the envelope with a mix of experimental sound design and elements from hip-hop and reggae. “ADIDAS” particularly captures the duo’s nontraditional style and approach as they pay tribute to the well-renowned shoe brand. Backed by a lush spacey beat, we get a glimpse into their world filled with high fashion, off-kilter flows, and their pure love for the culture.

The visuals take it up a notch with it’s bright, eye-popping effects and spacey aesthetics make for an engaging view, to be honest.

“ADIDAS” is taken from their new LP Electric Lemonade.

For the new album’s demo, they recorded at Space Kamp’s home base Dizzibot studio in Allentown, PA with engineer Jeff “Big City” Freer. And for the masters, they teamed up once again with Rob the Viking at The Chamber Studio, in Nanaimo, Victoria Island, BC. The title track, “Electric Lemonade,” Space Kamp recorded at the legendary Hyde Street Studio (formerly Wally Heider) in San Francisco. Adoo comments, “We were on tour and had the opportunity to get a session and couldn’t pass it up. Recording in a place where greats like Grateful Dead, CCR, 2Pac, Green Day and so many more have created in was truly a blessing and a memory that won’t ever fade.” The new album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Rob the Viking, with guest production from DJ Hoppa and TabinStereo and guest appearances from Demrick, DJ TMB, Split Divo and Jessica Lamb!



  • “New Strains”
  • “A.D.I.D.A.S”
  • “Lifeʼs a Beach”
  • “Girl Like You”
  • “Home Grown”
  • “Summer of Love”
  • “Chicken and Waffles”
  • “In My Bag”
  • “500 Miles”
  • “Electric Lemonade”


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