Sonny Seeza aka Sonsee’s newest joint “Everywhere” is a bouncy, head nodding cut laced by Swiss producer Dj Def Cut. Built off the classic Baby Huey’s Hard Times, the eternal groove doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and Sonny Seeza’s sharp flows reminds us of that no matter the era he can still get down with the program.

Hit the play button and get with the program


“Everywhere” is a brassy, catchy new banger from Sonny Seeza, the Brooklyn hardcore Hip-Hop kingpin who is one of the original members of Onyx (formerly known as both Suavé and Sonsee). Since striking out on his own in 2009 with Tytanium, he’s been working on a follow-up LP, Bridges, that’s set to drop February 26th.

That leaves us with plenty of time to keep “Everywhere” on full blast. Amid clever lyrical turns from Seeza, the track escalates into a pure slapper thanks to Switzerland’s, DJ Def Cut.

With the horns sounding off behind him, Seeza’s bars are especially potent during the second verse. It’s brimming with questions aimed at listeners of all kinds, from those with gigantic egos (so big they can’t fit through a door), to those who may prefer one genre or another. And it all blends perfectly into the hook, which absolutely deserves to be heard in a live setting.

Bridges will be available online wherever music can be streamed and purchased, through Empire Music.

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