SpiderDaGod is a veteran rapper from the Buffalo sector in New York. With the spotlight firmly focused on Buffalo, New York right now (Griselda being the architect of this), it is pertinent to let the world know that the area has a plethora of talent for fans to discover. SpiderDaGod has developed an enigmatic persona for himself in the environment and is definitely not one to toy with lyrically. His grimy yet zany rhyme style is reminiscent of colourful characters from the ‘90s like Onyx and the Gravediggaz.

‘Throne’ is the official first single off his upcoming album “8LIMBS,” which is wholly produced by UK beatsmith Four Limbs. With a soulful vocal sample and a soundbites of Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder speaking on his king status, this cut is like Spider’s royal proclamation as he takes the throne for himself.

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