Producer/rapper SlimYungMan comes out of his lab to present his full length instrumental project he calls “Vibe!”. The 20 track project is a blend of soulful samples, obscure soundscapes, hard beats with lo fi elements thrown in the mix. The theme of the project follows the title as it’s pretty much something everyone can vibe to. The beats are smooth, mellow and maintain similar energies from start to finish.


1. SeeYouAtDxwn
2. TakeItAway
3. Cxme&Go
4. DayDream
5. RxxdRnnxr
6. LxzyHxzeyBrxtha
7. Elevated
8. BellaBella
9. WastinTyme
10. BrokeAgain
11. Vibe!
12. GloomySkies
13. iLostMyPhoneInOuterSpace
14. RideOrDie
15. GrndmasHouse
16. GhxstTxwn
17. NiteLyfe
18. 4LetterWxrd
19. ColdInHell w/ Big Pun & Fat Joe
20. Cinnxmon w/ Wu Tang



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