“…I got fam in he slammer/ Not telling no answers/ doing time for a crime he didn’t commit now that is bananas/ dragons, panthers, anonymous move like a phantom/ Please put down the bandanas/ Black on black crime is a cancer…”

The rhyme scheme looks and sound familiar but the eternal message being delivered is most relevant in the times we live in. SiNiCaL the man behind this takes the uber popular “Panda” instrumental and gives it a new meaning while pointing out a myriad of socio economic issues complete with a vintage news footage and soundbites referencing the black panthers movement .

In the wake of all the recent police brutality shootings, conscious rapper SiNiCaL created the video “Panthers” –a song to the beat of Desiigner’s “Panda” but about police brutality, social injustice, economic distress, and how we must strategize and unite to overcome those issues.

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