No disrespect to the two veterans MCs, talented in their own right, coasting on this track leaked six days ago, but DreamDoll is a stand-out, outstanding, and in charge on “Outside.” The track is surfacing at a moment when let’s be honest, folx out there still think women need to make a “comeback” in hip hop. Enough of that. Listen to DreamDoll’s verse on the remix of “Outside,” and peep the Remy Ma/Lil Kim tenacity she bites with on her verse. Censorless and unabashedly Dreamy, the entertainer squashes any doubt about whether she has the skill needed to survive in this space. Socio-politically-charged and about to knock your jaw out if you don’t come correct, DreamDoll isn’t asking for your permission to sit at the boys club table. She’s stealing your seat from you.

Listen below:

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