On this here blog we make a duty to keep you of the happenings in the underground, kinda like our domain of happenings to keep you up to date on the regular, and on some occasions we have been privileged to bring to your hearing and reading the group called The Fusionists straight out of Canada.

Right, now that your brain is refreshed, this is a guy out of the collective known as Silex going the solo route but not breaking away from the group. I’ll call this a teaser for what’s to come in future. Off kilter rhymes delivered in English and French lingo and the unassuming beats makes it a soulful journey in sound. There is a lot of depth to the tracks but I’ll let you sample that in your own time. Thanks to the three producers Teck-Zilla, Dr MaD and Lou Piensa who made the tracks respectively. It is a three track compilation and it is Silex letting you know how he gets down. My ears did prick so homie has got my vote.

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