London-based rapper and producer Shunaji is not a stranger to us and with a handful of singles under her belt she returns with a brand new record titled “Evil Cute”. The ironically titled track is an insightful deep dive into self-empowerment, toxic relationships and the negative stereotypes that society places over women. Over the bright jazz-soul-infused backdrop made up of warm keys, lush horns and a head-nodding drum groove, Shunaji explores the delicate topic with a bright and cheerful outlook but don’t mistake her playfulness for weakness because she is dead serious. She easily weaves from seriousness to a playful demeanour with lines like “Bitch don’t kill my vibe like cramps/ I am not available so put me in ad-vance/Still madder than a villain, I don’t slay em I kill em/Give me a goodie to finish, I’m only joking like Phoenix” and crowns it with a reminder that society should just let women be who they really are instead of putting pressures and unrealistic expectations on them.


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