Eclectic rapper/singer/producer Shunaji‘s newest release “Why Don’t You”  is an eclectic and expressive foray into the modern world and its discrepancies as we humans struggle to find the truth after being bombarded with so much information. Over a cinematic and urgent backdrop, she gives an insightful and evocative performance ripe with her off-kilter style and is also joined by rapper Ayy who adds his own 2 cents to the subject matter.

The single also comes with a creative visual, self-directed visual in collaboration with Director of Photography Alex Janaszewski. Known for her imaginative and immersive approach to her creativity, the video features original characters created by Shunaji and they range from, Princess Solo (seen preparing for a show, representing the mundane and private side of an artist), Sick Ranchez (Shunaji’s rap alter ego representing the direct connection between the artist and the audience) and An Alien (an eccentric balaclava-wearing persona representing the outsider, that makes an artist stand out). With these characters, the visual explores the distinct and interlinked aspects of being an artist through Shunaji’s lens.


Shunaji is an avant-garde producer, rapper and singer hailing from Rome and currently based in London. She adopts experimental approaches to blend old school, alternative hip-hop with gloaming trip-hop formulas and a touch of spiritual, synth-led ambience. Shunaji’s releases have been acclaimed within independent music scenes in the UK and abroad, yet she appeals to a growing audience and aims to redefine the boundaries of mainstream music.

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