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Metic – “Beef Brisket”

Hong Kong music producer Metic returns to our playlist with something magnificent titled “Beef Brisket”. The multi-layered piece has a dreamy texture, lush guitar riff and a sublime bassline underpinned by drum grooves and moody synths to match.


Spoken Thought – “Cradle”

Colorado beatmaker Spoken Thought brings us this soul-stirring piece titled “Cradle”. Backed by snapping 4 to the floor drums, sublime ethereal textures, soothing vocal samples and bright keys and horns to boot, the track sure hits the mark.


RMB Justize – “Way Back Home”

RMB Justize and Howiewonder takes us back with the “Way Back Home”, a soothing piece that is ripe with warm tones, and ethereal keys that exude an overall nostalgia-inducing aesthetic. This is brilliant from start to finish.


Spoken Thought – “Change the World”

Spoken Thought proceeds to “Change the World” with his latest release. The track is as smooth as butter and made up of soothing ambient vocals, lush textures and a head-nodding drum groove to boot.



Pinnacle of Joy – “Ctrl+Alt+Relieve”

Pinnacle of Joy from the Netherlands blesses us with “Ctrl+Alt+Relieve”. The quintessential chill-hop lofi-infused track is layered and rich with elements ranging from soulful piano arrangements, funky synths, head-nodding grooves and driving basslines.




nz – “Seperate Paths”.


nz delivers his new release “Seperate Paths” on our list. The guitar-driven piece is as bright as the morning sun and warm as summer. The laidback hushed drums and relaxing textures all come together to form a soul-soothing ambience that we didn’t know we needed.

YawLrus – “Utsuroiyukuhibi”

Japanese producer YawLrus makes his entry on our playlist with “Utsuroiyukuhibi”, a sparse and moody beat crafted with solemn mellow tones, airy keys and spaced-out drums. He added that he started making the beat in his bedroom during the lockdown in Tokyo and the gloomy vibe of the situation made him find inspiration to deliver something that could warm our hearts.


Oddability x Sleeper Toons – “Night of Fireflies”

USA-based producer Oddability and Lithuanian producer Sleeper Toons for “Night of Fireflies”, a sad and dreamy piece that exudes quite a lot of ebb and flow as it progresses from rich guitar chords laced with drums to instrumental solos that captivate the ears.





Beatmund Noise x Claptu – “Plateau”

Australian producers Beatmund Noise and Claptu caught us with “Plateau”, a sad and reflective lofi track made up of spaced-out piano chords, solemn pads and hushed drums.




Joe Sunrise x Blown Speakers – “Walking Home”


Holland-based producer Joe Sunrise links up with Blown Speakers for “Walking Home”. The record is a solid funk/soul lofi-infused piece made up of punchy drums, melancholic piano chords and sizzling pulsating basslines.




jakohitsdifferent – “Timewaves”

German producer jakohitsdifferent is not a stranger to our timeline and he returns to the foreground with his latest tune titled “Timewaves”. The record has a downtempo groove, melancholic sounds and use of field recordings that adds a certain moody feel to the record. This is the next single of his 12 Track Lofi tape.



broeybeats. – “back to basics”

broeybeats helps soothe our spirits with “back to basics”, a soulful and relaxing track made up of rich guitar chords, thick basslines and a steady drum groove to complete the job.



Zenith Skies – “Note to Self”


Zenith Skies crafts a special “Note to Self” which caught our undivided attention and had to share. The use of lush guitar licks, warm pads and soothing textures all come together to give a solemn and nostalgic vibe that we all can rock with.





Milo 3, Atlantic Chill – “Marshmellow”

Milo 3  and Atlantic Chill team up for “Marshmellow”, an electrifying piece made up of edgy and icy soundscapes layered with rich guitar arrangement, rousing percussions and drums with a few ethereal elements to match.




Pokesh – “Summertime Sadness”

Armenian producer Pokesh delivers his own instrumental rendition of “Summertime Sadness” and it’s brilliant. He tones it down to a mellow and calm tempo and uses airy pads, subtle strings and soft grooves to create a soul-stirring ambience that grips the ears from start to finish.



Hypntc x Nick Wolf – “Before You Go”


Producers Hypntc and Nick Wolf tap into our emotions with their newest collaboration titled “Before You Go”. The solemn tune is ripe with ethereal pads, melancholic keys and strings that all work perfectly together.





Less Gravity x Lawrence Walther – “Adventure”

Finnish producers Less Gravity and Lawrence Walther take us on an “Adventure” with their aptly titled track. The use of rich guitar plucks with atmospheric pads and dreamy textures all add that extra spacey feel to the track and take listeners into a whole new world.



Yuzostate – “Bonsai Sunrise”

Yuzostate wakes us up with this uplifting track titled “Bonsai Sunrise” and it’s perfect to kick things off with. The use of lush guitar riffs, warm mellow tones with sublime sound design, airy horns and a thumping drum groove all come together perfectly.


L O F I L U V x Starburst Records – “The Siren’s Song”

Producer L O F I L U V and Starburst Records are back at it with something new titled “The Siren’s Song”. The track blends lush textures, choral vocal runs and a solid drum groove to match resulting in an atmospheric, airy and soul-stirring piece from start to finish


Little Archer – “Stars Show The Way Home”

‘Sydney, Australia,-based producer/beatmaker Little Archer makes his entry on our playlist with “Stars Show The Way Home”, a soothing and relaxing beat made up of sombre pads, lush keys and an alluring ambience that soothes the mind.




GrmsBeats – “Summer Love”


GrmsBeats thrills us with “Summer Love” in his new release. The track has hints of jazz, soul and lofi inclinations. The sample chops and vocal samples are alluring and work seamlessly with the head-nodding groove.



Deuces x Pea Stew – “Waikiki Beach”

Deuces,  Mina Wolf and Pea Stew take us to “Waikiki Beach” for a much-needed holiday. The laidback beat is made up of dreamy Oriental textures, lush guitar riffs and sounds of the fresh breeze blowing over the sandy beaches.



Sbeady x Dreamboundx – “Deja Vu”

Sbeady and Dreamboundx‘s newest effort “Deja Vu” is as sublime as they come. The track is led by crisp piano arrangement, moody textures and jazzy drum grooves underpinned by rich synth-like pads.



vhskid. x Lawrence Walther – “Time”

“Time” is a guitar-driven collaboration between producers vhskid. and Lawrence Walther. The duo sure delivers the goods with a brilliant mix of rich guitar riffs, and solemn piano arrangements resulting in an overall soul-gripping piece.




ponders – “breathing”


ponders gives us something to reflect on with his new release “breathing”. The production is soothing, and warm and his use of sparsely arranged guitar riffs and solemn pads all come together like white on rice.


lo-fi eamonn – “stay cool”


UK producer lo-fi eamonn sure lives up to his name with his newest release titled “stay cool”. He employs soft drum grooves with pulsating bass lines and a bright guitar riff that soothes the ears. This is definitely something to rock while sipping a cold drink on the beach.


Groove. – “Bright Days”


Groove delivers this smooth and uplifting track “Bright Days” on our playlist. The jazz-infused soul record is layered with rollicking drums, warm vocal hums and a lush guitar arrangement with soothing textures to match.

“Bright Days” is taken from the forthcoming TrainOfThoughts LP.


Xino Arcade – “Saturno, es su turno”


Spanish producer Xino Arcade shares his third single “Saturno, es su turno”. The mellow track has elements of lofi/soul and chill hop with its layered production style. From the warm tones, rich atmospheric pads and hushed drum grooves to boot.
“Saturno es su turno” is taken from his new album called Sometimes.

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