This is the type of music you put on, put out the lights, close your eyes and just zone out. I don’t know anything about Sheldon Miller or his assistant GK but listening to Strive And Prosper just reminds me of an Oddisee or even a Common. The musicality of the backing track plus the consciousness that Sheldon Miller with GK bring to the table is a recipe for eargasms. The chemistry of the flow and lyrics scores deep with me and makes me really wonder what their catalogue must be like. Check out the music and let the young men know that they are on the right path. As a bonus, below are the lyrics from the track so you can see the workings of these young cats mind.


Verse [Sheldon Miller]

Killer mind, Trigger Finger Einstein, Got civilians at the pipeline for prime time, 9 time felon when night strikes, the sinister feline sees when you’re blind, whether a creep in or drive by horns might cry, mortal trife life, extortion by dimes, prostitutes copping a lot of loot, depositing stockings and boots are an occupant’s truth, often the youth, a Mona Lisa, grown ups and teachers exposed from a dough receiver, chosen leaders, broke achievers, hustling pros and grove breathers, coke dealers, a cup full of stolen visas, frozen believers, nieces in comas only as sleepers, full of defeated souls sometimes your home is a reaper.

Chorus[Sheldon Miller]- From east to west and everything in between, priests with vests, destined to be a fiend, work hard everyday, strive and prosper, define and conquer, till the whole sky’s in honor

Verse [GK]

SMs crashing, i’m dashing,blue lights flashin, burnin blunts in the park and spark for the soliders that embark on heavens pathway, society’s castaway, graffiti and freestyles an average day, Punching demons like cassius clay, born with an old soul, ferociously cold stories untold and pend in gold, Hip Hop Rhymes cultivated perfected, got this but pop kids came to infect it, bringing smoothness with venom injected, crushin evil love to my people, sabotage feeble feel heat from my deagle, bodied in one we don’t envision a sequel, study be wise maintain break the zion mainframe, our bars carved in stars levitating the game, world truth hidden in crypted messages, focused on your pain my dude? or what your blessing is. 

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