Birmingham, Alabama duo Shaheed and DJ Supreme are back with two new joints with accompanying visuals. The songs in question “Skates and Crates” and “Life as a Farmer” showcase the versatility of the emcees who bring different topics and pay homage to the culture of hip-hop, urban skaters and the glory of having a strong work ethic while introducing us to community-supported agriculture.

“Skates and Crates” explore the skating and deejaying culture of crate digging and it’s made up of a smooth playful soundscape that blends perfectly with Shaheed’s laidback smooth flow and heartfelt lyrics. The visuals live up to expectations and take viewers deep into the action by capturing the parks where skaters go to practice and the shops where they get their gear.

“Life as a Farmer” is an uplifting record that aims to get listeners to get in tune with their community, physically and spiritually by celebrating the cornerstone of society where every day people come together to work and build something noteworthy.

In the video, Shaheed and DJ Supreme show the pride that comes with seeing a plant grow and getting in touch with the earth.

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