Sareem Poems & Terem team up to drop a single from their upcoming A Pond Apart release scheduled to drop this summer via Illect Recordings.

Sareem shared his inspiration for the track, “The song came about while thinking about how often I hear the term studio gangster thrown around. While growing up, I walked by people who lived the lives that people talk about in songs. The people I saw in my neighborhood as a kid were very selective about what they would talk about and to who. Then I started thinking about other places where things don’t really line up.”

“You have fake players, fake tough guys, fake hipsters etc. The pressure to fit in is massive in this world. Hunting for approval through likes and followers on social media through selfies. Knowing all the while that this is not really you most of the time. The song is split into two parts. The 1st verse is spotting inconsistencies (it’s easy to point the finger) and the 2nd verse is finding beauty in simply being (it’s okay to be yourself).”

Walk & Talk is available on all download and streaming outlets.

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