Illect Recordings is proud to present their latest release, Name Dropping, by German hip-hop producer Sebastian Hochstein.

The guest list is stacked with many familiar names and a few that may be new to some hip-hop heads.

On Name Dropping, Sebastian brings his a-game and put together 7 consistent tracks.

Name Dropping track list
1. Balance Both (feat. Abdominal, Chali 2na, EF Cuttin) [Remix]
2. The Lesson (feat. Sivion, Wildchild, EF Cuttin)
3. Campfire Stories (feat. Krum, Sivion, Manchild)
4. Flowers (feat. Sadat X, Jurny Big, DJ Kair One)
5. Hands Up (feat. Scribbling Idiots)
6. Gargantuan Pillars (feat. Dood Computer, Masai, Sev Statik, DJ Sean P)
7. Balance Both (feat. Abdominal & Chali 2na) [More Balanced Remix]

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