Rising lyrical titans Samad Savage and Prince Wiser form an untouchable lyrical alliance in their newest collaboration titled “East Coast’s finest”. The record is a lyric-dense tribute track to the late great Notorious B.I.G and a showcase of these two rappers’ immense lyrical prowess. Over the classic “Brooklyn’s Finest” instrumental, the duo proceed to wreak havoc on the microphone with a plethora of metaphors, internal rhymes and wordplay that would leave listeners smirking and engaged from start to finish.
Lines like “Bleep, infinite curse, for trying to get a cut and censoring words/Can’t get on my level, you’d be lucky to get on my nerves” and “These rappers just ratchet, don’t really possess the ratchet/ or they working for the feds, they really Inspector Gadget“, fans of lyrical raps will surely get a kick out of this.

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