UK singer-songwriter Sam Wills teams up with jazz/hiphop artist Kofi Stone and beat maker Jake Milliner for his new single “Sweet Distraction”. The genre-bending tune takes elements from modern jazz/soul with a unique lo-fi twist. Bolstered by Jake’s sublime soundscape made up of throbbing synth-bass lines, warm pads and head-nodding drum grooves, Sam pours his soul on wax with soothing whispered melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that dwell on self-doubt and lack of purpose. Kofi Stone comes through in the second verse with a lively rap verse that sees him convincing a girl to see him for what he really is and not fall for the superficial dudes prowling the ends. The track is a far cry from being a sob story though and mainly gives off a dreamy and introspective feeling that listeners can rock with.

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