After dropping the gloomy conceptual singleI Hear Voices, the duo of Rome Clientel and DJ Concept, aka Dirt Disciples, are back with their self-titled EP. The four track project kicks off with a short quote from the late 2pac – aptly titled ‘The Truth’ – which sets the mood for the rest of the release; no gimmicky raps or fancy hooks here. Although ‘I Hear Voices’ is pretty dark the subsequent tracks ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and ‘Divine World’ go a slightly different route with the soundscape and subject matter. The duo kept this short for a reason as each song plays its part well leaving no room for fillers or throwaway songs.

Free/Instant Download (AudioMack): HERE

In the rap game, like society, change is not an immediate force, but more so a gradual process brought about through innovation. We can’t predict specific events, or stars that will arise, but we can use our intuition to determine who’s hot and who’s not. But in order for this genre to thrive, we need to have an open platform, and let people enter the game free from bias. The street poets and hard-nosed beats are just as much a necessity as the party raps. If you’re in need of the former, look no further than Dirt Disciples, the recently formed emcee/producer duo, consisting of Elmira NY’s Rome Clientel, and Long Island’s DJ Concept. As Rome lays down the rhymes and Concept provides some fresh loops for this laid back, yet uplifting EP, we’re reminded that the relationship between the emcee and DJ is essential. From the moving lead single “I Hear Voices,” to the closer, “Divine World,” Dirt Disciples reveals that there’s still a crowd that’s down for Hip-Hop as a social movement. Give this a spin and be on the lookout for the duos forthcoming Black Ivory EP, followed by their currently untitled, full scale effort.. stay tuned!

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