Roman Toyi’s Hearing Colors is a 7 track body of work that blends hip-hop, poetry, lofi soul and chill-hop in a seamless fashion and explores relatable topics ranging from the dynamics of relationships, depression and soul-searching themes.

“Nostalgia Lane”  opens up the project with its dreamy and atmospheric production and Roman’s energetic flow and introspective lyrics that dwell on self-growth, belief and finding one’s true purpose. Over the dynamic backdrop provided by Origami Beats, Roman is also joined by Cam the Artisan, PeteyxKraze who both add their two cents on the matter with equally candid verses and a rich melodic chorus. This is followed by “Dark Cloud”, a reflective tune that dives into the emotional changes that come with being stuck under dark clouds. Over the playful and sombre backdrop, Roman gets vulnerable and gives listeners a glimpse into his life and his battle with inner demons. On “LAF” Roman taps the talents of Origami Beats, Fonnyftw and Justy for an insightful piece that shows us the uncertainty of life and also the good it can bring. Far from being rueful for what they didn’t get, the emcees implore us to go forth and make the best out of every situation with lines like “If you on your ass, get up/You looking at your past decisions like everyone didn’t have a past, you kidding/I rather have them look back like, I didn’t even know he had it in him”. 


“Haven” has a warm summer vibe and a bouncy groove which serves as the perfect backdorp for Roman and Fonnyftw’s reflective lyrics that run through their life journey thus far. Both artists blend their distinct melodic flow in unison and their knack for weaving relatable tales also adds an extra emotional touch to the track. “RUE!” sure lives up to its name as Origami Beats crafts a dreamy and solemn backdrop made up of sombre pads, lush guitar riffs and soft drum grooves underpinned by Roman’s introspective lyrics that focus on finding solace in being alone and basking in his own herb-filled seance. He is joined by Justy once more who peppers the track with her distinct whispered melodic flow and unfiltered and playful lyrics like “If I don’t hit you back, it’s cause that pussy wack/I am playing


For the last leg of the project, we get “Not a Poem, Until Now” featuring Fonnyftw, Athena Welch and the single “Hearing Colors” with PeteyxKraze, jei bliss. The former is an adulation-filled track ripe with vivid lyricism that talks about blossoming love or should we say situationship between two individuals who are privy to each other’s true feelings and they don’t want to kill the vibe by putting a label on it. The fusion of alternative soul and lofi elements really makes it edgy and adds that extra sultry element while the latter “Hearing Colors” recruits PeteyxKraze and jei bliss. The reflective record paints vivid pictures laden with emotions ranging from depression, personal loss and the dynamics of maintaining relationships. The production has a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic while the performance is pretty off-kilter and stylish but the icing on the cake is the melodic-driven lyrical scheme Roman uses to share his thoughts. Each artist gives their own perspective on life and the ups and downs of this never-ending cycle of drama





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