Navid B is a Australian beatmaker who has recently released his debut ‘Subtle Waters’ via Digicrates Records.

The 9 track album features The 49ers, Hus and Asia J.  Here is a breif review of the album.

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I first heard Navid B earlier this year after i came across his music on myspace, i thought he had good potential so i messaged him and he told me he was releasing a album on Digicrates Records.  Fast forward 5 months later and i get a email with the track H20 ft The 49ers and i was really impressed with the whole track, the finished beats, the concept and the lyrics.

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The 9 track album contains 4 instrumentals.  All of which are good and have a varied sound.   The first track is ‘Tuaine‘ which is a great ambient beat which changes tempo throughout the duration of the track keepin listeners interested which can be hard with some instrumental tracks.  Then followed by a great tribute to Nujabes which im sure he would of been proud of if he heard it.  Up next is the aforementioned  ‘H’20‘ which is by far my favourite track of the album and one of my favourite songs this year.  ‘Drumfire‘ has a really good beat and the way Asia J hypnotically raps over the melodic beat suits the track perfectly.

Paradise then follows which features Mari and its a nice change to the rest of the tracks as she sings over the chilled beat. Where i think this album faulters is the last two tracks ‘Purpose‘ and ‘Fantastic‘  i feel that ‘Purpose‘ is a bit repetitive and not much really happens with the song.  Unlike ‘Purpose‘, ‘Fantastic‘ has a really good beat but i feel like Asia J struggles to ride the track and i wonder if she would of been suited rapping over ‘Tuaine’ instead.

All in all this is a solid realease which should give listeners a preview of things to come!

OUT NOW ON: Itunes, Amazon and many more


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