We are still in the wake of the recent unfortunate deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown (amongst others). Tempers are flaring and people are taking a stance in different shapes and forms against the powers that be. One such form is this emotional, heartfelt song, called ‘Stay Awoke’ by NY emcee ReQ Cartier who I must say for his age is kicking some true knowledge for those that care to listen. It is high time other emcees put down the champagne bottles, jewels and other frivolous activities and join the cause.

The time is not right now but RIGHT NOW!!!!

In the midst of the tragic lost of Eric Garner & Michael Brown, the citizens of the United States are starting to come together to “fight” the higher powers. Brooklyn emcee, ReQ Cartier (who recently was arrested during a peaceful protest in support of Ferguson, Missouri) takes to the microphone to inform people to “Stay Woke” through these times.

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