Remulak is no stranger to the Bond and he is here again to serve us a taster of what he has got cooking up next. “Rise & Shine” is the first single to be lifted from Remulak’s forthcoming instrumental hip hop record Scrambled Eggs 2. This new project follows on from the first edition and is a collection of revamped jazzy beats that were originally created between 2003 – 2017

The project is available to pre-order now on limited edition picture disc, white vinyl, black vinyl & cassette. Go here to do this.

Musically rich, emotionally charged Hip Hop has fast become the trademark sound of Doug Barclay, AKA Remulak.

Having started making music way back in 2001, Remulak has since meandered his way through a myriad of genres taking inspiration from the likes of Bonobo right through to the heavy sounds of Cypress Hill.

2015 saw the digital self release of his first solo EP ‘ Nightsessions’ an instrumental album which led him to work with rappers such as Blueprint, Lewis Parker, Cappo, Moka Only and Black Josh to name a few.

After years of developing his sound, he decided it was time to make the leap onto vinyl. Good friend Joey Deez jumped on board to form the record label ‘Village Live Records’ Together they immediately signalled their intent, building one of the most popular Hip Hop record Labels in the U.K.

Remulak’s music has been endorsed by Radio 6 music and with further recognition from BBC productions. Most recently his single ‘Karma’ sound-tracked a BBC documentary on the boxer Anthony Joshua which has sparked further interest from BBC producers alike.

The future is shaping up to be an exciting time for Remulak as he will be working independently on his music, producing and collaborating with various artists both in the U.K and worldwide whilst pursuing commissions for film and television productions.

In amongst the challenge and excitement of the year ahead, Remulak can also be found sifting through his prog rock LPS’s in his slippers with a cup of tea balanced haphazardly on his knee.

Get on “Rise & Shine” and you can stream it on Apple Music and Deezer as well.



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