This new joint Red Sand by RedBaren907 does it for me. Linking up with one of the dopest emcees(IMO) in the game Homeboy Sandman to craft something this ill shows you that great hip-hop music ain’t dead, y’all just not looking in the right places. Bars are tight, the beat is awesome and the way the beat box strings the hook together is nothing but solid fried gold(think Outkast’s Millenium)

Hit the play button and get with the program.


“Red Sand” makes for a perfect collaboration from RedBaren 907 and Homeboy Sandman. This dynamic duo of MCs both drop lyrical verses while sharing duties on the beatbox hook. Providing listeners a buffet of heavy bars, metaphors and similes to head-bop to. Homeboy Sandman’s pen game and original style is well respected in Hip Hop and this track proves that RedBaren 907 felt right at home following his lead over an ill production, orchestrated by Shafeeq Beats.

The track is the first release off RedBaren 907’s upcoming album “Life Behind Bars”.

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