The internets are still going crazy over Kendrick Lamar’s verse. But in my humble opinion, I think that the most notable place everyone is going haywire in — is in New York. Even my folks out there are finding the track to be seriously direspectful, due to that they’re holding Biggie down over there — HARD. Even moreso, you have Styles P & Joe Budden feuding for a bit over it as well. As of right now, big artists that are in the industry right now are sounding like ‘everyone else’ (in my opinion), and Kendrick has just took it back 90’s-style, with lyricism (which he always have). The fact of the matter is.. lyrics DO matter; eff what everyone thinks. The only person (so far) that has responded to Kendrick Lamar’s verse is Joell Ortiz with ‘Outta Control’ — funny thing is.. his name wasn’t dropped in Kendrick’s line, but he’s taking full responsibility to step up and represent NY the only way that he could. Listen:

Here’s Joe Budden’s response to his #HouseGang brother:

There has always been a love hate relationship with LA & NY natives. New York had the streets on lock in terms of rappers coming out from that circuit.. up until The Chronic album came out, which fed the growing spurt of ‘gangsta rap’ astronomically. So far, there has only been two other notable moments in hiphop history where people got to talking big like something is about to erupt somewhere…

  1. [1991]: The East/West Coast beef ensues, thanks to Tim Dog’s ‘Fuck Compton’ song, which was properly addressed by Dr. Dre/Snoop Doggy Dogg‘s Fuck Wit Dre Day single. Later, it became an explosive and serious deal when Death Row & Bad Boy Records started beefing, with Tupac & Biggie at the center of it. Unfortunately, they lost their lives which ended the beef.
  2. [2010]: Funkmaster Flex disses Tupac on camera, fourteen years after Tupac’s death; with Crooked I and The Outlawz responding to the matter.

Here’s NY responding to the call; you can read the rest of the responses here:







Here’s Joe Budden‘s response, which was later deleted…

All u rappers tweeting….…… hope y’all got bars….. Smh. A Cali nigga just said he’s the King of NY & u niggas so fucking worried about your relationships, y’all make me sick. @kendricklamar u my nigga 4 life bro…. But u gon learn today. — Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) August 13, 2013

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