The Boomjacks are finished you say?” “No, they’re Finnish!”

That’s right, from the country that gave us saunas and ice skating come production duo The Boomjacks – a well known name around these parts – who have hooked up with US MC Apollo’s Sun for The Ownlife Sessions Vol. 1. A release that has been a long time in the making, it’s one I’m glad to see; The Boomjacks’ beats have been in rotation for a while now so it’s always fresh to hear an MC go over them. It’s actually a pretty conceptual release and you can either download it digitally or purchase a CD, if you are that way inclined.

The Ownlife Sessions is a small collection of tunes by lyricist Apollo’s Sun and beatsmith duo The Boomjacks. The term “Ownlife” was an idea introduced by author George Orwell in his classic book, 1984. The word is defined as such: “Ownlife refers to the tendency to enjoy being solitary or individualistic, which is considered subversive. Winston Smith comments that even to go for a walk by oneself can be regarded as suspicious.”

Be who you are. Walk alone. Do not let anyone define you. Ownlife.

[wpsharely]Purchase The Ownlife Sessions Vol. 1: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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  • Good project. The Boomjacks are skilled producers and it was great to hear Apollo’s Sun over their beats.