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We started last week with the latest episode of Dj PhiLLy and we are now backtracking all the way to the beginning, episode number 2 was first released, back in April 2010. Every week from now on, we will post a new episode until we catch up with the latest one.

Press play and get ready to non-stop dopeness all glued together with dope breaks by DJ PhiLLy.

DJ PhiLLy releases the TrackSide Burners show every month.

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Tracklist After The Jump…

TrackSide Burners Show #2

DJ pHiLLy intro
Illmind – Majic Night
Professor Green – Reefer Dreaming
Bekay (ft R.A. The Rugged Man) – Pipe Dreams
Soulful! – Oh It’s Never
Percee P – The Woman Behind Me (Remix Instrumental)
Reks/ODB blend – Rise (inst)/Shimmy Shimmy ya
Keith Lawrence – Ripple
Cimer Amor (ft Tone Love of Tuff Crew and Dj Saint B) – Reaquainted
Masta Ace (ft Punchline) – get U
Kenn Star (ft Oddisee) – Q & A
Rahzel – Super Dee Jay
Homeliss Derelix – Survivin’ The Game
PROSE – I gotta
Harry Love – U & I
GURU dedication
•Mostly the voice
•Just to get a rep
•Above the clouds
•Say your prayers
•Full clip (inst) – cuts Oakley Benitez (Family First Soundsystem)
•Guru – Lifesaver (premo remix)
Killah Priest – B.I.B.L.E
DJ Babu – Blackfoot
Thes One – The 6th Cup
Quasimoto – 24-7 (inst)
PROSE – The crew
Dont Forget About Ya Boy (Inst) – Lewis Parker
Dont Forget About Ya Boy – Lewis Parker 
Fly High (Tell Me How) – PROSE 

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