Prafit Josiah might not be a household name but the Rochester, NY-raised artist has been around for a while now doing what he knows best. He started his career in the early 90s as a member of a rap group called Prafitz (Prophets) and they released 2 albums before disbanding in 2002. Prafit Josiah forged on his own and has been releasing music off and on until a tragic event in 2016, where his cousin was murdered, changed his life and he picked up the mic again with a more holistic and insightful approach. Bridging the gap between classic boom-bap-styled hip-hop with conscious lyrics, Prafit Josiah has embarked on a new journey where he uses his lyrical skills to enlighten, uplift and pass on much-needed knowledge to his listeners.

His latest record titled “Falling” is a reflective and introspective track that sees him digging into his true thoughts and putting them on wax for all to hear. Over Tuu B’s moody and punchy backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt and relatable tale of trials and tribulations that everyone can relate to.

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