Japanese young beat maker Pigeondust‘s first album “Eastbound Ticket ” will be dropped on September 12th. The album features New York legendary MC Sadat X, Japanese MC Haiiro de Rossi, Japanese Producer DJ Duct and more! Check out his album snippet here.

Album Tracklist:

1. So That feat. Sadat X
2. Makes feat Madhandmade
3. Random-Bottom
4. Hello Nasty feat. Haiiro de Rossi
5. City in Clouds
6. Back 2 Basic
7. Neverdietrolls
8. Subway to Tokyo feat. DJ Duct
9. Mienai
10. Suck en Vom feat. Enpizlab
11. Wet Cigar
12. Madface feat Midaz the Beast
13. Blowin’ 3
14. Girl Dogmatic feat. Zeroh
15. Scar and Scarf
16. Birds Birds
17. Madface feat Midaz the Beast (remix)

Buy The Album At DiscUnion.com or TowerRecords Japan

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