Northern Chicagoland area-based rapper Pierce Elliott is not new to us and after dropping a slew of singles he returns with a 4 track EP entitled Lost Rhymes. The 4 track body of work consists of songs he left on the cutting room floor but after some time he decided to compile them for his fans.

The project starts off with “Cant Stop”, a punchy Southern bounce-infused jam ripe with rich synths and sublime pads which are underpinned by Elliot’s stylish flow and engaging lyricism that set the tone for what is to come. This is followed by “Never Find”, a chilled soulful jam ripe with Lines like “Since you wanna judge a book, I’mma let y’all know my story/When a boy meets world in the field, gotta grab that gun like Cory/Cos most ain’t loyal, she could be that bossy baby/So when the chance is slim we both can’t act so shady” give listeners a glimpse into his thought process and also displays his wit. “So Good” is a laidback soulful jam made up of rich vocal samples layered over snapping drum grooves and an overall warm summer texture. Here, Elliot delivers a commanding flow and vivid lyricism ripe with bravado and a touch of insight.  The final track “Anything” features fellow rapper JayLifted and sees both rappers flexing their lyrical prowess on wax as they reflect on their life struggles and work ethic.

Overall,  Lost Rhymes, is as cohesive as they come and it’s quite short and gets straight to the point without missing a beat. The soulful samples and measured production are quite brilliant and it’s perfect for Elliot’s distinct flow and engaging lyricism.

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