Rising indie rapper Ode Broham recently released his upcoming, i need a vacation, EP  but in the same vein, he shares the lead single “All Inclusive Intro” to give listeners a taste of what he has in store. For starters, he teamed up with producer Drum Fu who laces him with a steel pan-infused soundscape to paint verbal pictures over. Once the die was cast, Ode proceeded to wreak havoc on the mic and the gimmicky rappers trying to saturate the game. He sets warning shots and a barrage of body shots at the mediocre rappers with lines like “You know you can’t duplicate the unduplicatable/How you gonna hate Ode when all you do is take/And since that’s the case, I don’t really care about what your take is on me“. All the while, he is still having fun with the art.

“All Inclusive Intro” is the opening track on Ode Broham’s i need a vacation, EP. He adds of all the tracks on i need a vacation, this one’s production is probably the most unapologetically vacation-themed with its steel pans transporting the listener back to the warmer months of the year.

“All Inclusive Intro” releases via Children Playing Records as part of Ode Broham’s i need a vacation EP on November 21st just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.



Stream “All Inclusive Intro” on all DSPs here.

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