Sometimes MCs are in it for entertainment, to story tell or for ego. In Novelty Gone, Phorensicz seems to do this out of necessity.

The Louisville, Kentucky based MC (via Frankfort, KY) has been at this for a while, well over a decade to be exact. Several weeks ago he released his first EP titled Novelty Gone. From the MCs production choices to his messages, this is a heavy piece overall with some breaks in the grey clouds with bangers like Nostalgic Summer. The characteristic that jumps out as you listen through this short player, is the sound of a man who has a lot of stuff to get off his chest. With very few frills this is honest hip hop at it’s finest. Features are scarce but include fellow Kentucky MC’s Sound Jones and Basement Up member Matty Ritch. Stay tuned for more from Phorensicz and also make sure to watch the lead visual from Novelty Gone, a split video for Dream Deferred/Far Famous .

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