We are witnessing a man on a journey towards achieving his potential, meanwhile he is witnessing to the world that “KY GET THE $”

Jalin Roze is living life and living it well and he wants you to do the same.  ‘KYGT$‘  opens up with Cardo’s deep synths and builds into an anthem that finds Jalin Roze pushing for KY (Kentucky) to Get The Money.  True to form, Jalin Roze makes sure to pay homage by mentioning cultural references that will resonate with Kentucky natives, for example Jalin raps, “Song sounds major don’t it?  Swear the song needs Playa on it”.  While Jalin Roze always seems keen to big up his home and those that came before him, don’t let that fool you, the Louisville, Kentucky native MC is destined to make noise far beyond his home state.  We are hoping for much more from Jalin Roze this year, as it seems he only keeps climbing further in his journey with every release.  We will be here to document it, celebrate it and keep you in the loop as he pushes on.  Vibe out to ‘KYGT$’ below and revisit his first appearance on our pages here.

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