Any MC worth his salt has a collard green or recipe or two sitting in a secret location. Maybe in their most treasured rhyme book, maybe tucked away inside the lid of their 5950…it varies quite a bit really.

Goodbar finally breaks down the barriers to this long standing secretive MC practice in the video for Paula Dean and not only shares his collard green recipe but also shows the darker side of the turnips (turn ups, get it??! whatever). Sometimes a MC can cook so damn good it hooks the consumer and as you can see in the video it can get downright ugly. The video is a family affair as ‘Paula Dean’ producer Filthy Rich plays the detective role alongside fellow Skyscraper Stereo MC/producer Chuck Deuce while group mate Dat Boi Dunn assists Goodbar in the kitchen. Be on the lookout for Goodbar and Filthy Rich’s collaborative project “Good and Filthy” dropping early 2016.

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