You have seen and heard Phlow, the Nigerian emcee represented fully on the bond at least for the last eight months which attests to her consistency. Now the video you are watching is visuals for MP3, a bonus cut off the soon to be released yet nameless project coming from the rapper. I had no idea a project was in the works talk more of it being released in the very close future. Well, the energy displayed by the three emcees is one of hope for a great material. Apparently, this track was inspired by the legendary Chuck D of the famous Public Enemy, who stated that “The super emcee is the one that can spit in more than two languages” and these ladies have shown Chuck D that they actually can and make it sound super nice too. Shout out to Phlow, Pryse and Mz Kiss with Pasha on the hooks. The genius and mastermind behind this is none other than Teck-Zilla himself and he makes it an all round Str8buttah business by recruiting RCube to work on the visuals. The Str8buttah crew is definitely making noise and I hope they do pretty good with Phlow.

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