The last we heard from Phlow was the all female rap cast she served showing us the people in her league but the rapper is back with this solo effort called Str8 Up as her new single. With no time to waste of course, Phlow hits us with the visual in the same breath and stays on theme with it. Lyrics and flow still in check, the Lagos Nigeria based rapper displays a familiar yet different side to her style which aptly complements the framework of the backing track frequent collaborator Teck-Zilla created. Both parties show their versatile abilities and its quite a good effort. I believe album materials are in the works from this and the project will be called Flux. The video itself is easy on the eyes with grungy yet classy pictures, nuggets of lyrics splashed around and break dancing which seems to be a lost art in hip hop. Rcube Visions put it down in this piece. Like chess, it will be interesting to see the next move Phlow makes.

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