How is it that a 16 year old seems to be in a very self aware state so much so that one has to wonder what exactly may have been his experiences? Sonically, the music takes you to the Japanese feudal period with the strings and the flutes but I think what has really gripped me is how vulnerable Creo Pitaa is with his flow and lyrics. This is why I am wondering how such a young person could have experienced so much in so little time. It is also amazing that the conceptual thrust of the project is in the style of a Samurai seeking serenity in little things and this is consistent throughout. And Along came a Warrior is the type of music that really pierces the heart and one can easily identify especially if you are in the same space. Word to Chx for discovering a diamond in the rough and if the musical energy is channeled right, Creo Pitaa is on the road to being an enigmatic emcee. And just so you know, this magic is coming to you straight out of the shores of Nigeria so get familiar.

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