It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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RINZ. – “Swirl”

RINZ helps open up this weekend’s edition with a soothing piece titled “Swirl.” He goes for a more reflective vibe as he layers smooth synths, lush guitars and soulful keys over the swinging drums to give it that undeniable human touch. “Swirl” is the second single from his upcoming album Seaside.

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MARTIN $KY – “Sailing”

Chi-town producer Martin $ky‘s newest beat “Sailing” is a very soul-gripping beat that really grips us. He laces a solid guitar riff and ethereal textures against smooth laid-back drums. Solid stuff from start to finish.

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s.e.r – “This Guy Looks Nothing Like Me”

Producer S.e.r makes his first entry into our top submissions with his new track “This Guy Looks Nothing Like Me.” The track is a piano-driven piece that relies more on chord progression and less percussions to push it beyond the norm.It’s quite dynamic and organic from start to finish. Get it on Deezer.



JAKSPIN – “Ahimsa”

JAKSPIN gets in the lab and delivers a dope piece titled “Ahimsa” which fits the bill with its reflective textures, lush keys and mellow rhythm to match. This is pretty solid from start to finish

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FluoLente – “Take Some Time”


LA-based producer FluoLente makes a solid entry on our list with his latest instrumental titled “Take Some Time”. On this one, he goes for a classic laid-back boom-bap drum arrangement and laces it with soft cinematic textures and lush guitars to wrap it up nicely.
: Inspired by the beautiful Pacific Sunsets in Southern California, “Take Some Time” was produced with the idea that everyone should just take some time to enjoy the things around them. Perfect track for cruising down the PCH, windows rolled, with not a care in the world.

Get it on SoundCloud, Deezer and Apple Music.



Phlocalyst – “Stranger”

Producer Phlocalyst’s newest release “Stranger” is a nostalgia-inducing piece rife with smooth keys and reflective textures. Well-crafted from start to finish if we do say so ourselves.
Check it out here as well
others here:



Voices – “Words”

Voices is a 3 man music project made up of instrumentalist Joel, Joshua, and Geronimo who let their music speak for them. Their newest release “Words” is an encapsulating piece that blends soft textures and percussions that build up into cinematic explosions. It’s very alluring and enthralling from start to finish. Get it on Spotify.



King Cash Beatz – “Chopstix”

King Cash Beatz delivers this trap infused banger titled “Chopstix” our way and it sure fits the bill. The drums hit hard and the ethereal textures blends to make it pretty cinematic and engaging.
King Cash Beatz adds that he started making this beat while he was in the mall and wrapped it up once he got home.

Get it on Deezer and Apple Music.



Go10 – “Emmy Gold”


Producer Go10 makes his debut on our list with this illustrious type beat titled “Emmy Gold”. He laces hard-hitting drums with lush textures that exude a dreamy ominous vibe. Solid from start to finish if you asked us.
He does a lot of solo stuff, but he is also busy with Dynamik Duo, a collaboration with fellow producer T-JILLA.
Get it on Deezer and Apple Music.



Atreesto – “Table For One”


Atreesto gets into the introspective element on his new track titled “Table For One”. A smooth mellow backdrop laced with atmospheric synths and dreamy pads make for a good listen anyday.
He adds that the track is inspired by realizing that it’s okay to be alone.






Violentlyill – “Hold On”

Violentlyill is not new and once again comes through with that good old dusty boom bap hip hop on his new release titled “Hold On”. He layers a handful of samples ranging from jazz music, very obscure vocals and sprinkling keys to match the boom-bap drums. It sure sounds lovely to us.


Balloon Animal – “Blimps”

NYC based instrumental duo Balloon Animal make their debut on the top submissions list with their unique brand of musical arrangement. Their song “Blimps” sure caught our attention with its sparse and ominous texture with just staggered blimps and classic drum breaks.

Balloon Animal was formed in 2017 by Patrick Brady (guitar/vocals), and Ben Stillerman (drums/backing vocals).

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