Spanish music producer/composer Pablo J. Garmon is an established musician with 4 albums under his belt and a vast discography under different production companies, films, and documentaries. His forte stretches into video games and non-governmental organizations like Greenpeace and the Red Cross. The multi-faceted artist gifts us with two songs from his stash.


The first cut “Everything Changes” is a piano-driven lofi jazz piece that exudes pure solemnity and reflection. The track is layered, warm and dynamic as the progression introduces new instruments subtly and gives audiences a warm, comforting aesthetic to fall back to.


The second cut “Vinyl Reveries” has a moody and sublime vibe and employs sombre-inducing horn passes, sparkling piano riffs  and an overall cinematic vibe reminiscent of a dimly lit bar with strange figures sipping whisky. 



Keep up with Pablo J. Garmon | SoundCloud: Spotify: TikTok : Bandcamp: Twitter: Instagram: Vimeo

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