The Mobius Tape is a 3 track experimental collaborative project helmed by producer Oh Well who recruits rapper Wilhelm Duke. The result is a fusion of electronic, dark trap, hiphop sounds underpinned by fiery and energetic raps.


The project starts with “Indiscretion By Design” which is introduced by crunchy drums, a dark texture and pulsating bass synths that sound like a scene from a sci-fi thriller. Here, Wilhelm proceeds to dazzle listeners with his machine gun flow and knack for layered lyricism that touches on social-political views, life-changing technologies and a whole lot of bravado to match. Lines likeA brutalist with the pen/ technique like stop, a feudalist with the lens, a pugilist with the quill, every stroke is a strike” are as vivid as they come and augmented by the rapper’s engaging rhyme scheme and extensive wordplay. “Universal Basic Income” has a cinematic feel with Oh Well ramping up the ambiance with dynamic sound design, off-kilter synth arrangement that takes elemets from rock, electronic styles and trap. As expected, Wilhelm steps to the podium with his expressive flow and use of stream-of-consciousness style to deliver his message. He anchors the theme on the modern financial situation of humans and the paycheck-to-paycheck economy and its interconnectivity with technology and changes in social views amongst other things related to the never-ending grind.


The final track “Find Your Own Answer” has a sombre and melancholic soundscape. Oh Well’s production is punchy and uses gradual build-up as the drums and rich guitar riffs soar alongside the ominous synths. As the title suggests, Wilhelm explores the concept of finding one’s truth amid the rubble and in his own fashion he shares his thoughts with abstract and motif-driven lines such asSo the sirens call but we don’t worship the ball/ even though the world’s a stage and they seem to want it all/no rush to play a part/I don’t play along its not my art there is a fiction to this facts if we can’t bring the onion back”. Here, he reminds us that he knows his calling and will not budge to external voices that try to derail him.


Overall, The Mobius Tape is quite a lot to unveil even though it’s short. Production-wise, Oh Well gives audiences a bit of familiarity and uniqueness. This can be jarring sometimes, but that is exactly what makes the project different. Willhelm on the other hand is a master of words and his display of lyrical imagery and expressiveness is commendable.


We recommend you listen to this with an open mind.



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