It is finally here, the double feature by producer/rapper Oddisee. The set consist of an instrumental album The Beauty In all and a mixtape Tangible Dream. Musically there is so much to choose from, so much so that becomes way too difficult to settle on a single track with the album featuring multilayered soundscapes, enthralling mellow textures and choppy samples merged with subtle jazzy instrumentation making it all too encapsulating from start to finish. I need not even mention the mixtape Tangible Dream, like seriously where do I begin? The cinematic Tomorrow Today’, the nostalgic soulful vibes on The Going Ons’ and ‘Own Appeal’ to the incredibly dope but short ‘Interlude Flow’? Okay I will stop here.

Tune in and get with the program.

Oddisee releases his new instrumental album “The Beauty In All” today. The 12 track audible journey, rich in texture, is the perfect laid back record to put on for a drive, an afternoon off, or some time alone with someone close.   With it comes an intensely personal new mixtape of material produced by & featuring Oddisee titled “Tangible Dream.”  Combined The Beauty In All and Tangible Dream is the perhaps the most potent one-two musical combination of 2013.  This revealing mixtape offers a glimpse into Oddisee’s current world view. Tangible Dream is a mix-tape dedicated to the deconstruction of our traditional ideas of success that sheds light on the possibility of a sustainable rap life.  Let the music play as you go about your day.

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