The last song in the anthemic series by Nujabes and Shing02 is “Grand Finale / Part 6”, released today on Hydeout Productions.  As is to be expected from previous parts, the finale is a stirring and evocative example of music and song writing layered in many possible interpretations. 

Mixed and mastered by label-mate Uyama Hiroto, the 12″ features djkou (scratches) and Rebekah Raff (harp), and a remix by Hiroto himself, all encased in the familiarly creative artwork of FJD. Available now on wax and digital.

Side ANujabes & Shing02 - Luv(sic) Grand Finale / Part 6

Luv(sic) Grand Finale

Luv(sic) Grand Finale (Instrumental)

Luv(sic) Grand Finale (A cappella)

Side B

Luv(sic) Grand Finale (Uyama Hiroto Remix)

Luv(sic) Grand Finale (Uyama Hiroto Remix – Instrumental)

Luv(sic) Grand Finale (Uyama Hiroto Remix – A cappella)

–  –  –  –  –  –  –

Lyrics written by Shing02

I met a metaphorical girl in a metaphysical world
now you got me day dreaming, sleeping in a curl 
her name on my tongue, a fresh flavor, yup 
whenever she popped up, put a swirl on my cone 
i used to rap like i had some marbles in my mouth 
but the stones turned precious when they all came out 
on a string of deep thought that could never be bought
body rock don

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