“NTKCTZ.01” is the newest posse cut from a UK-based hip-hop collective known as Noutéka Collective. The record is a smooth jazz-lofi jam that showcases excellent lyricism from Sam Pro, Oh No Da French, Fro, Isaac B, and Hopesigh who each bring a different feel to the forefront. Sam pro leads the pack with his animated flow, followed by Oh No Da French and Fro’s smooth flows delivered in French. Isaac B comes with his bravado energy and HopeSigh wraps it up with a mellow performance.

The visual has a classic 90s posse cut vibe with them forming a physical cypher with the camera moving in 360 motion to capture the energetic vibe.

Inspired by the magical odyssey from the book Texaco, Nouteka is a quest for independence. Since 2018 the collective has gathered various creatives, such as dancers, musicians, photographers, graphic designers…

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