Sometimes you hear certain sounds and you remember tracks that sealed the deal for you with hip hop. I’m talking about sounds that cats like Pete Rock, Large Professor and J Dilla help popularize (the soul/jazz feel in hip hop). With FYH, Notiz YONG brings that same sound to the fore and it is so refreshing to hear. It is especially great to hear a cat talk about real issues too, addressing people that feel the need to not join bandwagons. The video, with a very simple and straightforward concept, shows you the issues people who do not conform usually go through. It’s just ideal to never bother or focus on what other’s think of you, and continue doing what you know is right for you. We all come across so many obstacles to achieve whatever goal we set, there are those who will love us for who we are and there are those who will feel need to be a nuisance about. Notiz YONG thinks a song like this can help folks push through in these situations so enjoy the vibe.

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