Toronto based,Australia born MC/producer Notion( also a member of The Movement fam) has been on the scene for a minute and y’all may remember him from Cee & Dr Mad’s  Steps To The Peak EP.  Well this time, the homey went for the jugular with this 8 track project titled ‘Pride On My Cufflinks‘. The EP features his brother and movement fam team mate Cee, Copywrite,Illvibe,Neeq et al, dope banging beats and of course the engaging lyricism to match. You definitely have to give him props, from jumping behind the boards,rapping and taking care of post production as well.


Tune in and get with the program and support good music.



Notion has been the quiet achiever of The Fam these past few years. His last release, ‘On The Corner of Notion & 9th‘ mixtape back in 2010, really demonstrated Notion‘s growth as an artist and as an engineer, but he was yet to bless the people with an original project. Since then, he has spent countless hours in the studio mixing Cee‘s ‘The Indie Experimentmixtape series, along with the aforementioned ‘Steps To The Peak‘ EP and focusing on his beatmaking, mixing and mastering techniques.

Pride On My Cufflinks‘ is a milestone in the now 30 year old MC’s career. The EP showcases bothNotion‘s lyrical prowess and his production skills, all the while soaking up his rollercoaster ride experience of leaving his life in Australia and moving to Canada to pursue his music. The often dark yet sparse soundscapes make way for his potent, thought provoking narratives, garnished with equal parts optimism and concern for the future. Production comes courtesy of the USA’s Remot (Kidz In The Hall, K-Os), Hungary’s Diaz & Sima, Sydney’s P.R and of course, Notion handles the vast majority of the work. The guestlist is as international as Notion himself; Ohio’s Copywrite, Southern California’sGravity Christ, Australia’s NeeQ, Toronto’s iLLvibe and B3auu, the legendary DJ Grouch, and Notion’s older brother Cee. This project is the perfect appetizer before Notion drops his debut LP, ‘Heart On My Sleeve Music’, in summer 2014


1 Pride & power

2 Stays Fly

3 Way It Is Feat Neeq

4 Young & Crazy

5 Lift Up Feat Illvibe & B3AUU

6 Follow My lead Feat Cee

7 Training Feat Copywrite

8 I Ain’t Concerned Feat Cee,Gravity Christ & DJ Grouch


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