A dope vinyl venue for crate diggers and vinyl lovers a like…unfortunately I can’t make it this time. Thanks to Martin for sending this through.


“If your unaware of the Vinyl exchange, the idea behind it is a couple djs, a couple producers and a record shop bring down a crate of records they are up for swapping and get set-up with a little table and people can come in with their own records they would like to swap/sell have a chat with said dj or producer go through what’s in their crates and swap/sell records with the dj/producer and also with other people who came to the event to do the same and so on.

Gonna have Evil ED and Sensei.FM djs spinning throughout the day and performances from Tranquill (One handed music) Fae Simons (Good Girls rarely make history) and Madame Peppa (Spredluv / Chakra sound) to wrap things up.”

Contact details can be found on the flyer image above.


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