Loads of J Dilla’s news today…great

“In the year since Vibe Magazine published the article The Battle for J Dilla’s Legacy, exposing the behind-the-scenes disaster of the J Dilla estate, many positive changes have taken place. J Dilla’s heirs are today announcing a victory in this ‘battle’ with new estate administrator, and the launch of the website j-dilla.com which will officially represent J Dilla and serve as a contact for anyone wishing to do business the artist’s name and music.”

“Separately, plans have been announced for the newly established J Dilla Foundation, who have filed for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit charitable institution to help fund the development of music in the inner city and provide scholarships to students enrolled at schools with progressive music curricula.”

Read the complete announcement at www.j-dilla.com

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