More news from the animation world, with the teaser trailer for the Black Dynamite animated pilot making its debut online.  It looks to be going ALL OUT, as evident in the visuals above.  Rumoured to be clocking in at 11 minutes, the pilot will be shown online on August the 8th 2011, but won’t be coming to TV until Spring 2012.  However, attendee’s at this year’s Comic Con, in full-swing right now, will get a chance to pre-emptively view the pilot.

Helmed by Carl Jones, the show “further chronicles the exploits of the central character, ex-CIA agent and full-time ladies man Black Dynamite, and his crew as they avenge the death of Black Dynamite’s brother against kung-fu masters, drug-dealing pimps and The Man and his crew.”  Carl Jones’ previous credits as a part of the creative team behind Aaron McGruder’s award-winning The Boondocks are clearly shown in the tone of the subject matter, and the two seem like a natural fit.  Also a likely influence is award-winning artist/director/animator Seung Kim whose directorial flair on the same show appears to be present here also.

Cast members of Scott Sanders’ original motion picture are also confirmed to be on deck for the voice acting, including Michael Jai White himself.  With all the talk of adaptations in the air of late, this is most definitely one to catch.  However pilots are notoriously cursed, especially in animation and especially if they’re DOPE (case in point The Amazing Screw On Head), let’s hope this one gets its break.


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