A former Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club member is defining her niche within fluent rap culture. DreamDoll, real name Tabitha Robinson (known for “Who You Loving? and “Water”), partnered with Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign (known for “Big Drip,” “Demons,” and “Zoo York”) to produce a saucy statement track that might be too hot to handle. The lyric video for “Ah Ah Ah,” a track off her upcoming Life in Plastic 3 series, has already reached over 40,000 views on Youtube, and goes hard in a juicy marinade of NY drill, puckered drum samples, and assertive flow.

The 28-year-old Love & Hip Hop celebrity isn’t one to hide her crazy antics; she shared her near-death experience going under the knife with fans in a funny mukbang YouTube video this past December. On Bad Girls Club, DreamDoll made a splash when she got kicked off the show for getting a little too turnt up, but thankfully, she’s channeled that energy into this punchy collaboration, asserting her position in the fem-energized rap universe as an MC who is equal parts Lauren London pretty girl (DreamDoll used to go by the name Photogenic Tabby) and Eazy-E street Ryder. DreamDoll is definitely redeeming herself and we’re so here for it.

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