US-based Nigerian artist/producer Teeklef shares his thoughts on the current state of affairs with his politically-charged single “A Prayer for (Black) America.” The track dives deep into the grit and ponders on the civil unrests spreading through America stemming from racial discrimination and the various social injustices that ha happened in the country.

Over a lush, somewhat cinematic backdrop, Teeklef delivers a passionate performance laced with thought-provoking lyrics that ask the tough questions on why black folks tend to always get the short end of the stick. Reflecting on his skin color he croons “Am I judged by the color of my skin/man we wasn’t supposed to live to 23/what if I been looking more like 1 in 3..” He takes it further by imploring folks who want to see a change to take action by aligning with the movement in the best possible way, one of which is by marching the streets and protesting. While he is not known for being overtly political in his previous releases, Teeklef sure brings a refreshing take on the matters at hand with a crystal clear motive and as a black man in America, an immigrant, and a father, he felt that it was important to add to the chorus of brave and talented voices currently speaking up for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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