Rising Philly-based teenage rapper Nazzy the Mic is definitely putting in work as a rapper who brings social awareness to her art alongside her personality. Growing up in Philly has really shaped her in many ways, from her traumatic past to her identifying as gay and Muslim and the conflicting issues that arise from that alone. Not one to falter, she has continued to push her art and give listeners a true depiction of what makes her tick.

Her newest release “εnxrgy”  is a guitar-driven track that talks about her sensuality, sexuality and love. Over the downtempo sublime soundscape, she delivers a soothing melodic flow ripe with vivid lyrics that illustrate a steamy session with her partner.

The visual also captures the steamy moment with a sultry and suggestive style. The lighting has that sensual feel and captures Nazzy in her element as well.


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The second track 2 Bodies” is a piano-driven track that dives into Nazzy’s life in the inner city. The production is sombre and cinematic and fits Nazzy’s distinct melodic flow and graphic lyricism that explores the craziness of living in the proverbial concrete jungle. She breaks down the pros and cons of street life with much gusto and style. 

The visuals are straightforward and make use of performance shots of Nazzy doing what she does best.


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