We welcome K-Murdock into the Word Is Bond team. Kyle will be bringing his thoughts as a renown Hip-Hop producer and artists and other  miscellanies every month, exclusively to Word Is Bond. We are super happy to have K joining the team.

Enjoy the first episode “Booms Baps and Bleeps”

I’m very amped to introduce my latest podcast venture with the Word Is Bond- “Murdock’s Miscellany”!  

Anyone who really knows me, knows ima nerd at heart- be it video games, anime, and gadgets to name a  few, but I always noticed a thread line in whatever I like, no matter how random, it can all be traced back to hip-hop culture, in some crazy way- hence when WIB approached me last year about officially joining the family as a blogger, I knew what I would want to blog or share with the world and that’s my miscellaneous interest in things, pop and sub-cultural, but since this is a hip-hop minded site- the Murdock’s Miscellany idea was spawned as I use to have a tumblr blog that kinda showcased my random interests but now, it all makes sense and I’m happy to bring episode #1 which ties the 2 things I shaped me growing up and which I still hold dear- hip-hop & video games as I explore their uncanny connection through the last 15+ years of music!


K-Murdock aka “The Sound Samurai”

Here’s the track list for the episode too Jose, forgot to send this initially; The italicized bolded text at the end of each song is the game the song originally samples from.

Episode#1 – “Booms Baps & Bleeps!”


Mega Ran – “Shadowman” – Mega Man 3
Cocoa Brovas – “Super Brookyln” – SMB
Del The Funkee Homosapien – “Proto Culture” – DarkStalkers
Eminem – “Hellbound” – Soul Calibur
Saafir – “Smart Bomb” – various Atari s-fx
2 Mello – “An Encore in Time” – Chrono Trigger
Percee P. & Diamond D – “2 Brothers from the Gutter” – Contra
Oh No – “The Ride” – Castlevania 3
Nameless – “Samus Comin!!” – Metroid
Shag – “Title Theme” – LOZ
Benevolence – “Photon Twilight” – Phantasy Star Online
Nas & Nashawn – “Level 7” – ???
Mega Ran & K-Murdock – “Dream Master” – Little Nemo

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